We collaborate and support VC companies before investment by checking on R&D initiatives, funded by the Bridge Alfa program.

Prepare For R&D Investment

DLabs.AI works with clients who build businesses based on innovation: both implementing unique data analysis, machine learning, and AI solutions; while helping VCs prepare portfolio companies for investment.
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De-risk Innovation


Up to 5 years’ Funding


Own Rights to New IP

Break New Ground With Funding R&D


DLabs.AI has pushed the bounds of Data Science since 2015. We design and develop in-house products as well as working with clients directly. Now, we’re looking for progressive Venture Capital firms like yours to work with us, leveraging a collaborative and client-focused mindset to unearth new possibilities.

Input on every decision,
influence every step.

1. Audit

  • Validate client concept
  • Identify needs, goals & blockers
  • Create dev roadmap

In-depth technical analysis offers feedback on the innovation prospects of your portfolio companies. SWOT analysis appraises if the client’s expertise can enable the desired results. And a market overview highlights competitors, and industry needs, to show you current trends, what’s missing, and the potential value of your investment — with a full technical audit supporting the implementation of the R&D roadmap.

2. Concept

  • Setup R&D team
  • Recruit to fill skills gaps
  • Establish workflows

Now, we help you refine the concept, before building your R&D department. We include the detail that enables effective processes, ensuring efficient workflows that boost profitability. We establish the structure of the project itself and help you pick the optimal technologies to use. And we support recruitment, identifying skill-gaps while helping you verify the expertise of potential hires.

3. Development

  • Training & support
  • Test, debug, document
  • Monthly reports

It’s time to help the R&D team hit its stride. We offer appropriate AI programming training and oversee the entire operation. We use a monthly progress report to help with information flow, and create a structure between DLabs and the client to ensure maximum programming velocity. We test and debug. Plus, we write technical documentation — and design measurable test frames — to bring a product to market ASAP.

If you're ready to explore, get in touch!

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