Suguard Report – Diabetes and Sports

DiabetesLab is creating a smart mobile application for people with type 1 diabetes under the name Suguard. Our mission is to increase the awareness of people with diabetes and to facilitate their disease management every day thanks to the self-learning algorithms of artificial intelligence. The presented report is the summary of a questionnaire survey carried out on people living with diabetes. The aim was to understand what kind of problems, fears and obstacles people living with diabetes face in the context of sports: and how existing mobile applications can help them with that.




The study that we carried out confirmed the thesis, that there is no app dedicated to diabetics on the market, which would fully help in managing the disease in the context of sports. The survey showed that the available apps lack functions, including the following, which would help people with diabetes to effectively manage the disease in the context of sports

  • information on how a certain physical exercise affected
    their glucose level
    , what were the sugar trends, how to
    stabilize the fluctuations, how to adjust the exercise to the
    active insulin dose
    in the body,
  • access to knowledge about how other people with diabetes
    handle physical activity
  • a calculator, which, based on recently consumed meals,
    glucose level results and the time planned for physical
    exercise, would suggest insulin doses and the amount of
    carbohydrates to consume.

Participants, who use different types of mobile apps, indicated that the functions, which they use the most, are:

  • glucose level analysis, in order to prevent hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, mainly after physical exercise,
  • blood sugar level alerts (i.e. when it’s too low or too high).