Think, A-I can.

Few people understand AI like we do. And we’re here to
make AI work better for you.


We work with clients to uncover hidden gems in data, helping you grow your business in an automated, efficient way.


If you want to develop a product but you’re not sure you need AI, don’t worry. Our approach makes applications
AI-ready, leaving you to integrate AI whenever you want.


Our team is a mix of domain experts. After all, a product is only as good as the people who build it,
which is why DLabs.AI comprises people who specialize in their field.

Deep Learning

Take machine learning one step further, uncovering unique insights in unstructured data.


Analyze free-form text, glean insights hidden in words, or classify and tag documents in seconds.

Computer Vision

Emotion detection in images, ball-tracking in sport, even Face ID: it’s all computer vision.

RPA 2.0

Hand over mundane tasks to a computer, freeing your people to focus on what’s important.


Use sales history to create accurate forecasts or optimize your marketing with campaign analysis.

Machine Learning

Train an algorithm to create hyper-targeted ads, spot trends, detect spam, and predict sales cycles.


Ever asked Alexa a question? Thank cognitive computing for her on-point, human-like answer.


Use self-learning networks to find valuable insights in complex, seemingly unrelated data sets.

large language models

Employ models such as GPT, LLama, or PaLM to empower machines with conversational capabilities eerily reminiscent of human interactions.

Generative AI

From creating captivating content and producing fascinating videos to crafting harmonious sounds, AI transcends boundaries in content generation.



  • Optimizing architecture with a scalable, cloud-based solution;
  • Building a search engine with FaceNet inspired architecture;
  • Auto-scaling for 75% fewer tasks running in quieter parts of the day
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Simpler tax returns

Using machine learning and neural networks, we helped Taxando reduce the time taken on this mundane task from 5 minutes down to a few seconds.

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Simpler tax returns


Predictive insights

A solution that automatically detects the most engaging content from across the web for any given category based on a defined taxonomy.
The aim of the project was to demonstrate the relationship between user content engagement and its semantic, syntactic features.

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Predictive insights


Marketing Data Dashboard

A web application dashboard that presents data from online marketing campaigns run on different platforms (inc. Facebook, Google AdWords, BDM, Adfrom).
The tool helps simplify reporting for BidLab clients.

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Marketing Data Dashboard

Nordic Service

Invoice reconciliation

A platform that automates the process of invoice reconciliation.
The tool removed the manual effort involved in classifying invoices, helping the accounting department better track costs.

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Invoice reconciliation


Nothing really matters if our clients aren’t happy. Thankfully, we’ve managed to please every single one,
as you can see below.

We worked with DLabs.AI in 2017 on a tax return app and we’re very happy with the results. We were impressed by the DLabs team and their high level of professionalism, expertise, and consideration. They took the time to listen to and understand our company’s needs and issues. Throughout the process, we felt more like one team. It was very easy to communicate and work together.

The DLabs.AI team works really hard to ensure a high level of quality of our product. Step by step, they’re removing all roadblocks. They’re flexible and respond quickly to changing demands. And they understand the importance of data quality and analytics, which is the heart of our product.

The DLabs.AI team is very experienced and they’re masters of machine learning algorithms. Their team does an excellent job of dedicating enough time and focus on each step of the process, which helps when delivering great products. We’d gladly work with them again!

DLabs.AI maintained open lines of communication and met project deadlines. Professional and collaborative, the team provided excellent feedback and useful insights. Customers can expect a partner that is both technically proficient and dedicated to delivering results.

We have been working with DLabs.AI for the last 12 months, developing the AI features of a new product designed to significantly improve the effectiveness of our team in support of their clients (...). Throughout the project, we have found the DLabs.AI team focussed, knowledgeable and responsive. We are delighted with the progress we have made on this project to date, and look forward to seeing our new product develop further over the coming months. We are more than happy to recommend them.

Our culture of learning and continuous improvement resonates deeply with the approach of the DLabs.AI team. We truly appreciate the extensive learning opportunities they provided. Even when initial challenges seemed daunting, their support helped us overcome these obstacles and successfully achieve nearly all our significant goals.