10 AI Events to Check in Fall & Winter 2021

Zuzanna Sieja

This last year has been challenging for us all. The world ground to a halt, making social contact little more than a daydream. But as society reopens, everything from sports events to business conferences are back on the agenda.

And as you well know, the world of AI never sleeps. Meaning we all have a reason to attend at least one AI event in the upcoming months, so give this list a read to find what catches your eye. 

And rest assured: if you’d rather avoid the crowds, many take place online, giving everyone a way to get back up to speed with the latest goings-on.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. AI & Big Data Expo Global

AI events

Date: September 6-7th

Place: London (virtual show runs 13th-15th Sept)

Ticket: Free to 999 GBP


The AI & Big Data Expo Global gives attendees a space to explore and discover new ways to implement AI and big data.

Speakers include notable names from the likes of UPS, Spotify, BBC, Dell, and Nissan. And you can expect them to cover topics as far-flung as business intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, AI algorithms, virtual assistants, and chatbots.

The conference typically draws over 5,000 attendees, giving you a chance to share ideas with IT decision-makers, developers, heads of innovation, data scientists, brand managers, data analysts, start-ups, innovators, and more.

2. AI & NLP Day 2021

Date: September 23-24h

Place: Online

Ticket: 399-1,599 PLN


The next AI event is a little more focused, placing the lion’s share of its attention on natural language programming

Day one revolves around visual probing (a cognitive framework for explaining self-supervised image representations), automated content quality assurance (for crowdsourcing educational platforms), and machine learning and artificial intelligence in biometrics.

Day two is for workshops — with twelve intimate sessions covering:

  • “Practical machine learning for Python time series”
  • “Uncertainty? Hands-on Bayesian neural networks with Tensorflow and Tensorflow probability”
  • “Transfer learning in NLP: How to adjust the model to your problem”

Some topics are yet to be announced, so check back for details.

3. Big Data Conference Europe 2021

AI events

Date: September 28-30th

Place: Online

Ticket: 238 – 544 EUR


The Big Data Conference covers more than its name suggests. This year is a hybrid edition bringing in high load, data science, machine learning, and AI

Expect to rub shoulders with IT professionals, developers, and users, with each sharing personal insights, discussing best practices, and exploring exciting use cases and business applications.

Days one and two focus on conferences, with attendees able to pick from four tracks, including machine learning, data, cloud and streaming, and varia.

Among the topics, you’ll find: 

  • ML in Production: Serverless and Painless
  • DataSecOps: Why You Should Care
  • A Friendly Introduction to Codeless Deep Learning
  • Building Data Science Products

Day three is all about workshops, spanning ONNX runtime to serve AI models, improving performance and security in MySQL, and an introduction to FluxLang, among others.

Find the full schedule here.

4. Scale TransformX Conference

AI events

Date: October 6-7th

Place: Online

Ticket: Free


The virtual Scale TransformX brings together a community of leaders, visionaries, practitioners, and researchers from across industries as they explore the shift from research to reality within artificial intelligence and machine learning

Speakers include authorities on AI, with the likes of Fei-Fei Li, Andrew Ng, and Eric Schmidt taking to the stage. The conference will see five tracks deliver sixty sessions over two days, with over 20,000 guests expected to sign in online.

5. ICCV 2021

AI events

Date: October 11-17th

Place: Online

Ticket: 50-180 USD


ICCV is an international AI event focused squarely on computer vision. It is a leading conference, with several co-located workshops and tutorials

The quality of the event, coupled with its low cost, makes it an excellent value choice for students, academics, and industry researchers alike.

Expect talks like:

  • “Traditional Computer Vision in the age of Deep Learning”
  • “Benchmarking trajectory forecasting models”
  • “Closing the loop between vision and language”
  • “Computer Vision for automated medical diagnosis”

Beyond the workshops and tutorials, participants can also join video-led meetings on a vast array of computer vision themes.

6. World Summit A I 2021

AI events

Date: October 13-14th

Place: Amsterdam & online

Ticket: 129-1,249 EUR


The World Summit AI covers the ‘three pillars of Artificial Intelligence.’ The pillars are start-ups and investors, enterprise, and deep tech.

Expect two days of knowledge-sharing and intense networking — with presentations, innovation showcases, workshops, and focus groups encouraging debate, discussion, and innovation among the 2,000+ attendees.

Speakers include leaders from Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Zalando, who will step forward to discuss: 

  • AI in Finance: NLP applications in asset management
  • Reshaping cities to implement AI responsibly
  • Using deep learning to better understand molecules
  • How AI model choices impact your entire business

7. The Data Science Conference

AI events

Date: October 14-15th 

Place: Boston

Ticket: 850-1,150 EUR


The Data Science Conference is an in-person event hosted in Boston, so you might need to jump on a plane to hear from those at Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Google.

You’ll hear them riff on a diverse array of topics, including:

  • Education for Data Science
  • Open-source vs. Proprietary Services
  • Change Management
  • Data Science for Social Good
  • Ethics in Data Science

And while tickets are at the upper end of the pricing ladder, the speakers’ experience makes this money well spent. Moreover, the event offers an excellent networking opportunity (not forgetting, attendees get food and drinks laid on throughout the conference).

Registration opens on September 1st.

8. AI World Government 

Date: October 18-19th 

Place: Alexandria, VA, & Online

Ticket: In-person: 99-749 USD Virtual: 0-639 USD


The 3rd annual AI World Government is a comprehensive two-day forum educating national agency leaders on established strategies and tactics to deploy AI and cognitive technologies.

The conference brings together experts from business, government, technology, and research to present the latest strategies and state of tech, helping the public sector leverage advanced technologies to meet government purposes.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Day 1: Managing the complexity of adopting AI; Is there a future for standards for ethical AI: a crossfire chat between governance and engineering; Scaling and operationalizing AI; Emerging AI technologies; Infrastructure transformation.
  • Day 2: Best practices for implementing AI at Scale; The beginnings of AI engineering: thinking through how to build AI better; AI, ethics and smart policy; Risk, resiliency & responsible AI; Future of work.

If you walk in political circles or need to tackle complex economic questions, this is the conference for you.

9. Digital Transformation Week 

AI events

Date: 9-10th November

Place: Online

Ticket: Free


Now to a week-long exploration.

Attend to learn about the powerful technologies and strategies needed to make more data-driven business decisions, develop operational efficiency, enhance customer engagement and retention, and drive your organization’s digital culture

Digital Transformation Week covers:

  • Understanding risk and security
  • Headless tech strategies
  • Using AI to understand behaviors
  • 5G connectivity & WiFi6
  • Quantum computing and edge computing

Dany De Grave, Radha Subramanyam, and Sarah Angel-Johnson are among the speakers, delivering their talks via an AI-based networking app — which will give everyone the chance to meet with specialists and seek practical advice.

10. ODSC West 2021

AI events

Date: 15-18th November

Place: San Francisco & online

Ticket: 99-3,198 USD


Open Data Science Conference West is one of the broadest AI events out there

Topics include machine learning, data science, deep learning, data analytics, data engineering, NLP, computer vision, MLOps, responsible AI, and cyber security. 

Speakers come from the likes of Google Cloud, IBM, UCLA, and Stanford University. And beyond the talks, guests can take part in workshops and training sessions. Day one is online-only, but days two and three are both in-person and virtual. 

And ODSC caters to the virtual world, offering networking opportunities that include a career expo, giving you the chance to talk to both recruiters and industry specialists. 

Find the full schedule here.

Have We Missed One? Let Us Know.

In many ways, the pandemic has opened up new opportunities. Most of the presented AI events are now available online, which is a benefit to us all.

If we’ve missed one that you think deserves a place on our list, please let us know. We love to know what’s going on across the AI industry. And if an event looks interesting, we’ll be sure to buy a ticket.

Drop us a message on LinkedIn to let us know.

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