AI Rapper Turns Out To Be A Racist

Zuzanna Sieja

They say music unites people.

But who would have thought that this time, the lyrics that connected listeners were actually written by racist artificial intelligence? 

Read on for the full story, alongside other AI news like stress-reducing rings and a robot that can understand your needs.

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AI Rapper Loses Contract Through Racism

Capital Records recently signed a contract with FN Meka: an ‘AI rapper’ built in 2019 by the music label Factory News. However, the adventure didn’t last long. The label recently had to terminate FN Meka’s contract. Why so? All because of a stream of complaints suggesting its lyrics carried a racist message.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, the rapper liked to show violent scenes involving the police and black citizens of the United States. Enough said.

Source: The Guardian

TikTok Delights Users With A Surprise Addition

AI converting text into images is nothing new. We’ve seen it in advertising (as covered in a recent InsideAI), but this time, TikTok rolled out the feature for its video creators. 

The social media platform surprised users with its AI text-to-image generator called ‘AI Greenscreen.’ All you need to do is type a phrase, and the software will create an image you can use as a video background.

See what it looks like below.


Source: The Verge

Hitch A Driverless Lyft In Las Vegas

In mid-August, Lyft announced its collaboration with Motional would finally bear fruit. 

The leader in driverless technology confirmed the launch of its all-electric IONIQ 5-based robo-taxi: an autonomous vehicle built for driverless ride-hail operations on the Lyft network in Las Vegas. 

Both companies have been testing the solution since 2018, and the first driverless taxis will hit the streets of Las Vegas in early 2023. The question is: would you hitch a driverless Lyft?

Source: Popular Science

Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Parkinson’s

Another medical breakthrough thanks to artificial intelligence. This time, the technology is helping doctors identify Parkinson’s disease. 

MIT researchers have developed a neural network that mimics how the human brain works, and they’re using it to analyze sleep. Based on a patient’s breathing pattern, the AI can tell if the patient has the disease, its stage, and its progression over time. 

This is all thanks to a small AI-powered device that looks like a wi-fi box, which transmits signals showing breathing patterns. The device doesn’t require physical contact, ensuring patients still enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

Source: MIT News

Can A Ring Reduce Your Stress?

mood ring

The Happy Ring company in collaboration with Sean Rad, the founder of the dating app Tinder, has developed an AI-powered ‘mood ring.’ The device uses biometric sensors to track your mental health, quality of sleep, and stress level in real-time. And thanks to artificial intelligence, it becomes more acquainted with its wearer over time.

Based on its readings, the ring can suggest ways for the wearer to lower stress levels, including recommending breathing exercises. The rings are available in two colors, black or white, with monthly and annual subscription plans.

Source: TechCrunch

This Robot ‘Gets’ You

Robotics development continues at pace. Alphabet has already launched a robot that can carry out simple tasks. And recently, the company upgraded the device. The robot can now do more than pass a bottle of water or clean a surface based on a specific command. 

It can interpret what you want based on a general comment. Suppose you tell it you’re thirsty; the robot will know to hand you said bottle of water.

Source: Wired 


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