DLabs.AI Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program


Product: Google Cloud

We are happy to announce that DLabs.AI joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Service Partner. 

As a Google Cloud partner, DLabs.AI offers its customers the ability to quickly and easily transform their current environment to a reliable, innovative cloud infrastructure. Its machine learning, big data and cloud engineering expertise, combined with the various capabilities Google Cloud offers, will allow DLabs.AI to deliver the best solutions to customers and accelerate the time to achieve expected results. 

“At Dlabs.AI, we always focus on the best, innovative and scalable solutions. We want to provide our clients with innovative and high-quality engineering capabilities that will drive their success,” said Shemmy Majewski, CEO of DLabs.AI. “We always strive to offer the best methods and toolsets, such as Google Cloud, that enable them to grow their business in the most cost-effective ways. Our collaboration with Google Cloud will allow our clients to benefit from our love for technology and solving even the most complex business challenges”.

About DLabs.AI

DLabs.AI is a leading Central European software development and consulting company designing and creating automated, custom-built AI software solutions for business. Our team includes data science and software development experts specialized in neural networks, machine learning, and natural language processing to support sales and marketing, customer service, manufacturing, health, finance, and more. 

With software created by DLabs.AI, companies we work with have been able to do things like:

  • offer enhanced software products to their customers, 
  • automate processes like invoicing, customer service or quality assurance while freeing their internal resources, 
  • make data-backed decisions that increase their profitability based on accurate business predictions.

To learn more about what we do, visit: www.dlabs.ai.


DLabs.AI is a team of Data Science experts providing comprehensive solutions and IT systems along with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that maximize business clients'​ profits and minimize the risks associated with implementation.

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