How Can AI Enhance Your Content-Creation Process?

Asad Shehzad

How much time do you spend creating content each day? You may have the same answer as most content creators, “Too much.”

In order to meet high demands for content, writers usually have to deal with bulk content creation within strict deadlines. They are more likely to cut every corner to get the process done quickly. The downside to this approach is that Google and other search engines are getting better at spotting boring and thin content.

However, content creators who are pressed for time can increase their productivity by using artificial intelligence to boost the content creation process. 

In this post, we will share seven remarkable ways AI can improve the content creation process. So, if you are not yet using AI for content creation, it’s time to jump into the modern world of AI and find reasons why you should start using it immediately.

Creating Content using AI

Content creation is a complete process that involves: 

  • Creating appealing topics
  • Drafting a stand-out outline
  • Producing written or visual content around those topics and outline
  • Making that content accessible to the audience 

Content can be in any format. It can be a text-based blog, article, video, infographic, or other formats. In recent years, the way writers create content has radically changed thanks to AI-powered writing tools. 

Artificial intelligence has made everyday writing tasks easier and life simpler. Plus, by integrating AI into your writing tasks, you’ll get better-quality results in no time.

A huge range of innovative content creation tools guides writers throughout the writing process, be it researching, writing, editing, publishing, or marketing. 

These tools utilize artificial intelligence to deliver the most accurate results, tailoring the assistant to each writer’s preferences and easing their workload.

Some AI-powered writing tools generate content from scratch, such as automatic content generators, while others take text and rewrite it. However, to completely depend on these tools is never recommended as these tools make subtle mistakes and without human oversight, their content might have low readability, clarity and several grammatical issues. 

Fortunately, if you have weak vocabulary or no grammar skills, there are tools that can check your grammar and help you buff up your content. This shows that AI enhances the content creation and learning process from all angles. 

AI tools that help you enhance the content creation process

AI technology can be used in many ways to automate and improve your content creation process. This is how AI tools can help you as a writer with examples of the best tools available.

The best AI tools that enhance your content creation process:

  • Paraphrase or enhance outdated content: 
  • Bust writer’s block:  Jasper,, Article Forge and
  • Speed up the research process: Ressomer and Scholarcy
  • Creating titles and outlines for posts:, and Semrush
  • Fact checkers – help to make research original: Google Fact Checker 

Using these tools can help you save time and budget, establish a consistent content strategy and boost personalization. 

1. Paraphrase outdated content

It is no secret that Google only appreciates fresh and new ideas. Fresh content improves the CTR and helps your website climb the SEO ladder over time. You probably have old content that used to perform well on your website. 

It may be due to a lack of relevance or inaccurate information based on recent developments that it isn’t performing as well as it once did, and all it needs is an update. Well, AI tools can help you with that, too. You can repurpose existing content with the help of online paraphrasing tools such as

Using this tool, you can enter a piece of existing text, and it will be rewritten into a creative and updated version, which will also speed up the process compared to manual rewriting. You can use different writing modes to get feedback based on your requirements. 

ai content creator



You’ve probably also wondered how you can use one piece of content in different places. For example, if you once wrote a great article on a company blog, maybe you can use an excerpt from it in your Linkedin article or newsletter? This is another great use of the paraphrasing tool.

The huge demand for content has forced writers and bloggers to use rewriting services to create readable, engaging content and avoid unintentional plagiarism to achieve perfection in their final draft. 

No doubt, AI rewriting tools are very powerful. They consume the old content and rephrase it in different tones and styles in no time.

2. Bust writer’s block

Nothing stings as bad as writer’s block. It is safe to say that every writer faces writer’s block at some stage of the writing process. Using AI tools can help writers fight writer’s block and start writing with unlimited ideas. 

One way to solve this problem is to read extensively. The more you read, the better you write. An alternative approach is to get inspiration from artificial intelligence tools that help you from beginning to end of the content creation process. 

I. Jasper

In the digital world, this is a leading tool for content generation. It employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to help writers generate content from start to finish. It offers more AI writing features than any other content generator tool. 

This tool offers a wide range of features to assist people in all digital fields, such as SEO, social media, marketing, email, and much more. 

ai content creator



This AI tool can be your best buddy if you face the worst writer’s block whenever you sit to write. If you only need an outline to kickstart the writing, you can use this tool. 

Add the blog post title in the title section and select the tone to create an outline for the topic. Clicking “Generate AI Content” will generate a blog outline giving you an idea of ​​where to start with the topic and how your default title can be broken down into subtopics to cover the topic in more detail.

ai content creator

With the help of machine learning techniques, this tool provides users with topic suggestions and the relevancy of individual topics.  Jasper is helping businesses, freelancers, bloggers and people from different domains in creating engaging, creative, and worthy content. It offers matchless services but comes with a price that a user needs to pay to get the best out of it. 

Jasper is not free to use. You have to subscribe to a package billed monthly and annually. Do not worry; you will get a 5-7 day free trial that you can use to check whether the tool matches your needs or not. There are two plans; Starter and Boss mode. The starter is for hobbyists getting started with writing, and boss mode is for businesses, bloggers and marketers that regularly require content to be generated for various platforms. 

  • Starter Plan starts from $24 with a limit of 20,000 words to $399 per month. 
  • Boss mode starts with a minimum of $49 to $600 per month. 
  • Custom plans and pricing options are also available. 
ai content creator



After Jasper, is another AI software that helps writers accelerate the content creation process. With its suite of tools, you can research and gather information, organize your thoughts, and write your piece – all in one place. For instance, you can use it to draft an outline, compose the conclusion, and generate all the text from the topic to the conclusion for your blog with the content tone of your choice.  This tool is an allrounder that can immensely help a writer to craft blogs without any hassle and because of its proven accuracy, and near-human results, it can surely be the game changer for you. Want to see how this tool works? Below is an example:



Here’s how generates content:

  • The AI Tool first Gathers Relevant Data
  • Generate Copy Ideas
  • Content Writing Template Is Generated
  • AI Suggests Ideas For Headlines
  • The Most Engaging Blog Title Is Chosen
  • Content Is Written Using Natural Language Processing

This website can be used to generate compelling marketing copy, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, and more. offers both free and paid tools. Free tools have some limitations that might not suit some users. Premium plan starts from $35 to $279, with the first 3 months free. 

ai content creator


III. Article Forge

Article Forge is another great example of a tool that uses machine learning models to create 1500-word-long articles in 60 seconds. 



This tool is best for people in a hurry to meet a deadline, like students or freelance writers. It can be useful in many places, including crafting articles and blogs, assignments, reports, and more. All you need is to provide the tool with a topic, and it will come up with a unique, readable, and engaging article in seconds.  

The use of this tool is based on the user’s preference, it can adapt and create content that matches the user’s needs. This tool requires nothing much from a writer or webmaster, it just requires simple information like a topic, tone, and other similar things and comes up with unique, readable and fresh content every time.

Here is an example of an article written by this tool: 

ai content creator



You can see that the tool generated content oriented impressively towards the title and explained it as a human would do. 

To use this tool, you will need to buy one of their plans. You can choose basic, standard, or unlimited plans as per your needs. The basic plan costs around $13 and the unlimited version costs $57 per month when billed annually. The pricing might seem overwhelming but the benefits this tool provides significantly overshadow it. Either you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a human writer or you get help from this tool. 

Detailed pricing plan is shown below:

ai content creator



Writers or students who don’t know what to write for their essays can use an AI essay generator to get through it. The app offers “next sentence prediction” that helps students write both long- and short-form essays. 

The tool generates three possible versions of the sentence and allows the user to select the best and most appropriate sentence to complete the paragraph. The generator works on NLP and text prediction technology to generate quality essays.

ai content creator


3. Speed up the research process

Every writer exspends a lot of time and brain power on research to comprehend the proliferating points in their papers. Piles of research forces writers to find some hacks to ease the process and facilitate content creation on a tighter timescale. 

Luckily, there are highly-efficient AI tools that summarize articles for you. They can condense lengthy papers and accelerate content creation by cutting down research time to less than half. Everyone can write but not everyone can be a great writer without practice. Either you just take all your time and master the writing skill or get help from an automated tool while you learn. 

Sounds interesting? Just look at these summarizing tools:

I. Resoomer

Resoomer is a tool that will help you with filtering your content by essential aspects, key topics, and ideas. It allows you faster interpretation to speed up the research process.

ai content creator



It allows you to summarize or analyze text whenever you want. Just copy and paste the text into the tool or use an extension to summarize content online.

II. Scholarcy

Scholarcy is another great AI summarizing tool that identifies the most important points the article contains. It has the ability to extract key sentences that grab the thrust when you are not interested in reading the complete post. 

ai content creator


It is a perfect AI summarizing tool for students, researchers, and writers to help them speed up the research process by reducing the article down to key concepts, scholarly highlights, a summary, or an abstract. 

4. Fact Checkers – Helps to make research original

Often, researchers and journalists do not know where to find original material. While researching material for their articles and posts, they need to be ever more efficient at dealing with only original facts and statistics. 

Due to the avalanche of information on the internet today, the potential for fake news has become more prevalent than ever before. And so, AI fact-checking tools ensure researchers’ research is original and based on actual facts only. One such example of this cutting-edge tool is Google Fact Checker Tool. This is an AI-based Google tool that is very easy to use, and you can try it out for free. 

For instance, the passing of Queen Elizabeth on Sept. 8, 2022, prompted the news on Facebook suggesting that Meghan Markle was allegedly barred from attending the Queen’s funeral. To check this report’s existence, we passed it through the Google fact checker AI tool, and it indicated the news was false. 

google facts checker



As you can see, this AI tool allows you to make your research more reliable and saves you from verifying all facts on your own. 

5. Creating titles and outlines for posts

Once done with the research process, next comes the titles and outlines to begin the content creation process. Appealing titles grab the reader’s attention, and great outlines keep readers sticking to the post to the end. Here, AI tools can help to articulate the most relevant titles and outlines using the targeted keywords for the articles and posts. These AI tools suggest trendy topics based on an in-depth analysis of customer data.

I. is an AI title generator tool that has the ability to create book or article titles using a set of phrases or keywords you specify. A list of titles is provided by the tool, from which you can choose one.

ai content creator



Below are the results that you will find after typing Keyword AI Technology” in

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology: An Overview
  • Al Technology: What It Means for Businesses
  • Al Technology: What it means for your business
  • Al Technology: What does it mean for you?
  • AI Technology: What can I do with it?
  • Al Technology: What should I be doing now?
  • Al Technology: What’s next?
  • Al Technology: What about my competitors? 
  • Al Technology: What if I don’t have a clue what Al is?
  • Al Technology: What is AI?


The main difference between and is the technology they work on. The latter has a titles preset where it adjusts the keyword to create the appropriate title, while the former generates a new title every time using AI algorithms.

Here is an example of how this tool works and the results it produces:

ai content creator



These are the results you’ll get after typing Keyword “AI Technology”:

  • 17 Tricks About AI TECHNOLOGY You Wish You Knew Before
  • Want More Money? Start AI TECHNOLOGY
  • Fear? Not If You Use AI TECHNOLOGY The Right Way!
  • Old School AI TECHNOLOGY
  • 5 Ways AI TECHNOLOGY Will Help You Get More Business
  • Warning: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your AI TECHNOLOGY
  • AI TECHNOLOGY And Love – How They Are The Same
  • AI TECHNOLOGY Strategies For Beginners is one of the best AI tools for generating titles for your blog posts, articles, and other forms of content. The tool uses AI technology and has been trusted by professional writers and publishers to create compelling titles.

III. Semrush

ai content creator



Semrush is a well-known tool that helps marketers in many ways, like SEO, PPC, SMM, campaign management, content planning, keyword research, competitor research, and so much more. Semrush has everything you need to make you achieve the heights you desire. It has so much to offer. No matter what type of business you have, it will assist you. Know everything about the website, keep an eye on your competitors and learn how to surpass them. 

Among its features, there is also a tool that generates endless ideas for your blog posts and articles. By entering a keyword, it will generate appealing titles for you to choose from. 

The title generator AI tools mentioned above comprehend the entered keyword thoroughly and suggest relevant title ideas fast. After you have a title and a well-curated outline and have done thorough research, you will see your fingers flowing quickly on the keyboard.

6. Saves time and budget

When it comes to content creation within strict deadlines, there’s no question that artificial intelligence can be a game-changer. By automating certain content creation tasks, AI can help you get your work done in a few seconds. 

For example, rather than spending hours researching and writing a new blog post from scratch, you could use the AI tools mentioned above to get it done quickly without costing you a fortune. You can combine AI writing with your own creativity to get the most out of your time. 

7. Establish a consistent content strategy

The cornerstone of a successful online presence is creating high-quality content on a uniform basis. It is mandatory to follow a consistent content writing and marketing strategy to outshine your services. According to a survey, 84% of business organizations follow an excellent content marketing strategy. 

To be successful in your business, you need to maintain consistent content production, which becomes difficult with the ever-growing content demand. Here, an AI writing assistant comes into the picture, enabling you to quickly create top-notch content that drives higher conversion.   

Hubspot is a great example to assist marketers in developing a consistent content strategy in the most efficient way possible. In addition to quality content ideas, they also receive topic clusters that set them apart from the competition. Thus, using this automated content strategy, you eliminate a lot of guesswork and elbow grease when building content marketing campaigns for your business.

ai content creator


8. Boost personalization experience

It is a fact that a targeted personalization strategy increases customer engagement, which results in more loyal customers and better revenue. A recent study by Segment found that 71% of consumers feel frustrated when shopping with impersonal service. However, artificial intelligence can enhance customer engagement and personalization, which can otherwise take a great deal of time. 

AI software, for instance, can help you create personalized marketing emails. Using the AI email marketing tools, you will be able to personalize the subject line and the body of the email, addressing recipients by their first names or organizations to build stronger relationships. As a result, sending general emails that feel more personal can boost customer engagement.

Use AI to make your content-creating tool more effective

AI has truly changed the lives of writers when it comes to coming up with unique and fresh content ideas. Whether you need help coming up with trending topics for your blog posts, crafting a compelling email, or writing about a topic you have never written about before, AI is up to the challenge. 

Businesses and writers can use AI to work more efficiently while consistently achieving optimal results – whether they are writing for the web or print media. Now is the right time to enter the world of AI to streamline the content creation process and manage your time more effectively.

Although there are many tools on the market to support content creation, AI has not yet said its last word. If you want to enrich your tool with AI-based features or build a new business model based on AI – the DLabs.AI team can create such a solution for you.

Sounds interesting? Check out how you can implement AI in your company or contact an AI expert to discuss your idea.


Asad Shehzad

Asad Shehzad is the founder of, a website that helps people paraphrase their essays and papers. He is also a researcher for AI Projects, where he studies the feasibility of artificial intelligence in various industries. Asad is an avid learner and loves to explore new things. He is also a fitness enthusiast and likes to stay in shape.

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