Meet A Teenage Lionel Messi

Zuzanna Sieja

We’re already halfway through the year. And we can’t help but feel amazed by everything that’s happened in AI in just six months.

Take this week’s lead story as the perfect example. 

It rewinds the clock to see a young Leo Messi in his teenage years on his way to Barcelona for the first time — the thing is: the footage isn’t old. The ‘recording’ happened just a few months back.

You can read all about it below, so let’s dive right in.

Meet A Teenage Lionel Messi

Adverts can be annoying, and the producers know that most viewers would rather skip them, so advertisers are trying their best to intrigue us. An interesting example is a Mastercard ad promoting the UEFA Champions League. 

The firm used deepfake technology to make an impression on its viewers, releasing an ad that shows Lionel Messi as a young boy leaving Argentina to play for FC Barcelona. Just look how realistic it looked:

We can’t wait to see what impression the ad had on the viewers. What do you think? Who should be the next celeb made to relive their teenage years?

Source: Adweek

Autonomous Uber Eats Delivery

Nowadays, it takes just a few clicks to order a meal from your favorite restaurant and get it in a matter of minutes. More recently, Uber Eats started testing how to automate most of the process. 

In collaboration with Motional (a driverless technology business) and Serve Robotics (a robotic sidewalk delivery firm), the company has launched two autonomous delivery vehicles in Los Angeles. What do you think about the invention? Would you like to have your order delivered by a robot?

Or perhaps you prefer the human touch!

Source: TechCrunch

Robot Chefs Could Soon Be A Thing

As we’re already on the topic of food, let’s stick with it. Cambridge University researchers have developed a robot that’s supposed to be capable of preparing tastier dishes. First of all, the device can check the seasoning of a meal. 

But what’s more interesting is that it can imitate the actual eating process and, based on that, assess the ‘tastiness’ of a dish. The invention could help robots become better cooks in the future. Watch the robot in action in the video below:

Source: The Guardian

Robots Are The Elderly’s Best Friend

Loneliness is a massive problem, particularly among the elderly. Sometimes, older people don’t have any opportunity for social interaction, so to help with the issue, the state of New York placed ElliQ robots in the houses of more than 800 elderly residents. 

The devices can’t do any housework, but they can offer company — initiating small talk, contacting friends and family, even keeping a check on sleep schedules and hydration. ElliQ was designed by Intuition Robotics company, which claims the bot can forge an authentic human bond.

Source: The Verge


In case you were wondering, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen robots in the home. Ebo is a device that can ‘play’ with cats while owners are out. It can even give treats, while a camera lets owners watch their kittens in real-time.

AI Can Now Detect Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of the disease. And according to the WHO, roughly 30% of women with it don’t survive, even after treatment. That’s why news that AI can spot the illness when a doctor might have missed it is so positive.

Sometimes, even the most experienced radiologist will miss warnings of early-stage breast cancer, classifying them as “minimal signs.” AI ensures such cases are correctly flagged, helping to diagnose more patients at earlier screenings.



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