Cookies policy


In any case, when you visit websites belonging to DLabs Sp. z o.o. (“Pages”) and you use our mobile applications, DLabs servers automatically collect information about the use of the Sites. This information includes, among others: (i) the domain name and host from which you access the Internet, (ii) the IP address of the computer or Internet service provider you use, (iii) the operating system used (e.g., Mac OS, Windows) (iv) the browser used and its version (eg Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera), (v) the name of the website that redirected you to us, (vi) the type of device you use. The above information allows us to determine your habits related to browsing the pages, the content you are interested in and the specific websites you are entering. It also allows us to set dates of visits to our websites, browsing paths and time devoted to individual subpages.


Just like other commercial websites, we can send to your device one or several “cookies” (small text files sent to your browser, they can be stored on your device so that we can recognize you when you visit us again). In particular, we use two categories of cookies:

1. session cookies (which are automatically deleted when you close your browser, we use them mainly to determine the login status of users of our services, so that our users have access to pages visible only to them in connection with the use of our websites or services: the session cookie is assigned in the user`s login process and deleted at logout)

2. permanent cookies (which remain also after closing the browser and can be deleted manually).
We may also receive information about you also when you enter our Website using the appropriate link located on the third party`s website. The above persons may provide us with contact details and information collected in “cookies” used on their websites. Third parties use session IDs to help you navigate our Sites. Please note that using “cookies” by third parties is not covered by this Policy. We do not have access to or control over these “cookies”.

Cookies for our domains allow you to:

– sharing some content (requiring logging in) without having to log in each time after each session – automatic rerouting of people who have already logged in once – a better serving of ads – adjusting the content to the user

In Cookies for our domains:

– information about the user is encoded (GUID) in a way that allows its identification only through our server – we do not save any data in an explicit manner

As part of our services, we allow you to create cookies for third parties, i.e. for domains:

As part of our services, we place tools (widgets) of third parties, these are:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Google
– Instagram
– Medium
– LinkedIn

As part of our services, we allow you to run JavaScript snippets from third parties, ie:

– Google
– Adform
– Facebook
– LinkedIn

Cookies settings

By enabling the option of accepting cookies in your browser settings, you agree to the use by DLabs sp. z o.o. cookies in relation to you. If you do not agree to the use by DLabs sp. z o.o. cookies, you can block them by selecting the appropriate option in your browser settings. Please, remember, however, that if you decide not to accept our “cookies”, you will not be able to use all our functionalities; We also do not guarantee that our services and Sites will work optimally.
All popular Internet browsers allow cookies to be created by default. However, the user has the full ability to manage to allow and to block their creation, both:
– globally – all cookies – collectively – only third-party cookies – selectively – Cookies for each domain are set separately.

Do we process your personal data automatically (including profiling) in a way that affects your rights?

Your data can be processed in an automated way, including in the form of profiling to select the appropriate recipients of commercial information, for statistical and marketing purposes.

You can adjust your browser settings and express opposition to profiling. Below are the links to the instructions of the most popular browsers:

Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer:

Final Provisions

DLabs sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make changes or additions to this Privacy Policy. All such changes will be published on the website in the Privacy Policy tab. The privacy policy does not limit any rights you have under the applicable law.


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