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Intelligent lead scoring

Automate lead scoring and enrich historical data. An AI algorithm can automatically qualify and score all your existing and new coming leads based on your preferred criteria like lead source, location, level of interaction, or interests.


Automated competitive analysis

Find and analyze competitors based on your set of features, messaging, and pricing. Without the usual laborious manual research, you’ll gather the right data to get to know your market and adjust your strategy.

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Campaign analysis
and next best action

Analyze all your emails, ad campaigns, or posts and quickly match them to customer behavior to see what’s the best move to make next. Over time, the system will learn what triggers your customers to act and help you build effective strategies for new leads.


Conversion attribution

Find out exactly where your customers came from without all the guesswork, saving your analytics team time and headache. Advanced algorithmic modeling can improve your attribution models and help you find out which of your marketing channels are best at turning traffic into paying customers.

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Image recognition & content matching

Find the right images to accompany blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, presentations, offers, and landing pages – automatically, based on your content and key phrases. Over time, the system will learn your image preferences and improve its accuracy.


SEO image optimization

Let artificial intelligence take care of your alt titles and meta descriptions, in much less time and backed by data and SEO best practices. Automatically create SEO snippets that will help you rank higher in SERPs.

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E-mail language analysis

Learn exactly how and when to communicate with new customers by analyzing your past communication and matching it with customer behavior, LCV, and churn. Your sales team will know precisely how to prepare and what to avoid to close more deals.

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Sales prediction modeling

Analyze your customer database, purchase history, renewal history, and CLSV to find the customers that are the most likely to purchase or upgrade. This could reduce churn and shorten your sales funnel and time to upgrade.


Smart segmentation and lead scoring

Organize your database to personalize your communication and find the best sales opportunities. You don’t have to do it manually – AI will manage large volumes of data for you to fully automate the segmentation process.


Upsell prediction

Look at what made your customers buy in the past to repeat the same process with new customers and make existing customers buy again. Through analyzing available data, we build predictive models that help shorten the time to convert and increase conversion rates.


Finding the next best product

Predict your customers’ behavior based on available data to see what they’ll do next and what they’re likely to buy. Then get automated recommendations for sales and product teams.


E-commerce recommendation engines

Get your own custom product recommendation system that’s built based on your data and keeps getting more accurate and effective. Recommend the right products to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities, without relying on generic external systems.

customer service

Finding the next best service

Empower customer service teams with the knowledge about what the customer will do next and how to make them happy. Based on historical data, we help create automated recommendations for the team to act when the time is right.

customer service

Disaster warnings

Predict and prevent crises before they happen. AI will define the most common problems and complaints and analyze all factors that led up to a crisis. It can warn teams ahead of time so they can act before another customer complains.

customer service

Effectiveness tracking, modeling, and reporting

Get a custom-built system that analyzes your customer service team’s performance. Predict and model the most effective behavior through automated recommendations, and automatically report on how your team is doing, without going through the support tickets yourself.

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Feedback scoring, tagging, and automation

Get machine algorithms to read and analyze customer feedback, categorize it, and suggest how you can improve your product or service. Use it to build FAQs or customer service bots and decide which tickets need immediate attention.

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E-mail language analysis

Define which of the emails your team sends to customers make the biggest impact and positively affect CLTV. Learn how to construct your messages based on past conversations.

customer service

Drop-off detection

Win back your customers before they go. Identify actions that can lead up to churn and stop customers from leaving by making a change before it’s too late.

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Automated invoice processing

Cut over 90% of the time spent on the manual processing of huge piles of documents by using automated invoice classification and OCR software. Speed up document flow and eliminate repetitive tasks for your team that waste hundreds of hours a year.

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Automated tax allocation and returns

Let machine learning algorithms automatically process tax cards and calculate tax returns for you, increasing your productivity, reducing the costs, and eliminating human errors.

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Demand Forecasting

Predict future customer demand for a given period using historical sales information and other data sources. Helping you resolve bottlenecks ahead of time, boost your margin, and operate with maximum efficiency.

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Price Optimization

Predict how customers will react to different price points across channels, helping you raise prices without impacting sales. Analyze consumer behavior with variables like the time of year and weather to create a dynamic, real-time pricing strategy.


Autonomous driving

Increase the safety of connected and autonomous vehicles using synthetic data that generates automated, plausible driving scenarios.

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Personalized medicine

Use AI-based software to help people with chronic illnesses like type 1 diabetes to control their symptoms and make necessary adjustments in their treatment.


GAMING: Increased players conversion

Increase in-game conversions by predicting which player is likely to become a paying customer and presenting them with the right incentives.

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Automated phone calls that help parents collect alimony payments using three bits of data

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